About Us

At Cowtown Cottages, our mission is to provide you with exceptional products and services to help you live your best life from the outside in. Our services include designer cottages, real estate, interior design and wellness. We give each one of our clients a specialized hands on approach depending on the situation. We are here to help you establish a quality of life that has a lasting generational impact on the ones you love most! 

 Contact us today at 817-253-0049 or 817-253-1149 in the Dallas Fort Worth area to schedule an appointment or for more information.

Real Estate

Looking for land for your Tiny Home or for a home in the Dallas Fort Worth metro area? We can help! We will put in the time and effort to make sure we help you find the best design to fit your needs.  Our Real Estate clients reap the benefit of complimentary Interior Design Consultations on all Real Estate Listings and Purchases.


Contact Warren Walker today at 817-253-1149 or use our online resources for more information!

Interior Design

Need help with design? We're here for you! At Cowtown Cottages, we specialize in a variety of essential design services to fit your needs. Our design services include interior design consultation, furnishing packages, remodeling, seasonal decorating, staging to sell, and more!


Contact Kelley Walker today at 817-253-0049 or browse our website to learn more about our design options.

Living Well

At Cowtown Cottages, we understand that living well has many different interpretations.  The Tiny home lifestyle lends itself to living in the country where the air is fresh, the stars are bright and healthcare is a long drive to town.  Having quality first aid when you are enjoying the wilderness is a fundamental necessity.  Our goal is to find the best natural resources to ensure we are equipping you to live the most abundant and healthy life possible.  Having effective solutions within reach is another way we are committed to excellence. The improved wellness and increased quality of life for our customers is another service we offer to those who want to learn more.


Contact Kelley Walker today at 817-253-0049 or browse our website to learn more about our wellness program!  www.mydoterra.com/restoringeden